Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

The Pumpkins arrived today! We spent ALL DAY up at the church. Fortunately we got a great turnout of people to help as we had an entire semi-trailer to unload. Parker has been anxiously counting down the days until the pumpkins arrive. He figured he was big enough now and he wanted to help unload.

Here we are standing around for an hour this morning waiting for the truck to arrive. Wesley spent time chilling out in his pack-n-play outside and then hanging out with all the other kids and Aydenn's Aunt Jean later on in the cry room.

Here's our assembly line of folks passing pumpkins.

Mr. Parker making his own line in the truck to bring pumpkins out.

Then for a while, he got out of the truck and would get handed small pumpkins and run them out to a pallet. He also took the orange cart and loaded it up with pumpkins - some really big heavy ones - and insisted on moving the cart and unloading it by himself as well. Several adults tried to help him, but were turned away. He also distributed several loads of hay from the truck by himself with the orange cart.

Later on he used the orange cart to give Aydenn and Joseph rides around the property.

He was one giant dirtball when we got home, from head to toe. After a bath and some juice, he couldn't even stay awake to watch the replay of the Gator game.

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