Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obsessions of a Four Year Old

What has Parker been up to this weekend?

1. Watching Sports - Gators, Rays, Bucs and Nascar!

2. Putting together bunches of puzzles.

3. Making crafts. The first ones are some lego items he made after copying the pictures on the side of the box (a fish, a boat and a car). The second are two crosses he decorated in Children's Church. They were supposed to give one away - Parker wanted to give his to "Old Parker" from church, who wasn't there today. "Old Parker" is Parker Jenness who is in his late 80s and just recently returned home from a 6 month stay at the Hospice House. Now Parker wants to deliver it to the other Parker's house.

4. Takings tons of pictures. In the last two days, Parker has taken something like 65 pictures with the digital camera! So we've posted a select few in a couple of posts over on his blog, including some good ones of Wesley. Here's Parker's self-portrait to get you started - pretty good!

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