Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Improbable Dream - Go Rays!

The last week has been full of ups and downs for this baseball-loving family. Our Rays, who were the worst team in the Major Leagues last year, have tonight won the American League Championship and are headed to the World Series!!!!!

But they did it in such dramatic fashion that they had this family heart-broken some nights and on pins and needles other nights. After one devastating loss at home to the Red Sox (the defending World Series champs), the Rays turned it on to lead the series 3-1. The same magic that had been there all season long started clicking as all different players stepped up to make things happen. But Thursday night our hearts broke as the Rays blew a 7 run lead to lose the 5th game and make the series 3-2. And Saturday night our hopes were high that the Rays could win and clinch the championship in front of the hometown crowd (Uncle Clark was there in person to watch). But sadly, the Rays lost again. It was so nerve-wracking to have everything come down to tonight's final game. Apparently though, God does care about the outcome of a baseball game because our prayers all days have been for the Rays to turn the magic on again!

Parker has been especially excited about the Rays playing. He did not want "the stinky Sox" to keep us out of the World Series. And since he didn't have VPK last Friday or tomorrow, he's been allowed to stay up way past bedtime to watch last Thursday night's game and tonight's game in their entirety. His favorite player is Carlos Pena and he scored a run tonight that Parker had to run around the living room and scream about at the top of his lungs....

Our manager Joe Maddon set the tone for the team back in spring training when he told the Rays that "9=8", meaning 9 players doing their best could be one of the 8 playoff teams. Now our new math is "9=1" as we hope and pray that the Rays will be able to hold off the Phillies. Go Rays!

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