Monday, October 6, 2008

Parker's First Day At "The Point"

Today was Parker's first day at "Kids At The Point." Mommy took him and of course got a picture outside.

The assistant director met us at the door and remembered our names. Mommy walked him back to his class, with Mrs. Dillingham, and found that Parker already had a cubby marked with his name on it (right next to Justus' cubby - he hasn't moved yet). So we dropped off the recommended change of clothes as well as a blanket and a Rays teddy bear for Parker to have in case he got upset. Mrs. Dillingham introduced Parker to the class and had them tell him "Good morning!" But Parker was not thrilled at first about being left in a new place. He clung and fussed. Finally Mommy was able to get him to sit down on the big mat for story time with everyone else. He looked so little hunched up in a ball on the mat as Mommy walked away. The assistant director encouraged Mommy to call if she wanted to check up on him.

Mommy refrained from calling by keeping busy cleaning out all the boys' clothes in their drawers and closet. They just keep growing so fast!

Since Mommy was off today, when it was time to pick Parker up, the whole family went. When we arrived he was outside very happily playing on the playground with all of the other children. Mrs. Dillingham said that Parker was great and it only took him a few minutes after Mommy left to warm up and get involved. In the car on the way home he told us all about their cool playground with bikes, including some bikes with two seats and one bike that has a trunk. As for the other kids, he says he didn't like them (whatever) and he can't remember any names. But he was excited about going back tomorrow.

After we got home we had a small problem though. Parker went flying around the corner out of Daddy's office and connected with the edge of the bookcase. Of course it was perfect timing because school pictures at The Point are this Wednesday! Here you can see the damage:

The boys spent a lot of this afternoon playing in their room, more accurately playing in Parker's bunkbed (with supervision). Wesley had a blast being up so high and checking out all the "pets" Parker keeps up there. And Parker was intent on making sure they had good music, getting up on the dresser every so often to change the cd.

And of course the perfect ending to our day was watching the Rays play tonight and win the game to move on to the next round of playoffs!!!! Go Rays!!!!!

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