Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back and Forth

Today we spent most of the day at church. We had to meet a family at church this morning to help setup a powerpoint presentation on the projector for a memorial service. Then we came home for a bit before returning to the church for our annual Thanksgiving dinner. It's put on by one of the families at church and it's free to the first 150 folks that sign up. It's a full Thanksgiving dinner and it was wonderful! It also happened to be Miss Rael's birthday today so we got to hang out and spend some time with her and her mom. Then we came home for a bit again before going back for the actual memorial service at church. This one hit closer to home for us because Mommy and Daddy met this man at the karate classes last fall when he started bringing his grandkids to Parker's class. We struck up a friendship and then he started coming to church and Bible Study. He was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago and passed away last week. But the service was beautiful this evening and the sanctuary was packed, which was a nice tribute. And after getting some takeout, we've hunkered down in the house to try to relax and unwind a bit tonight.

Be sure to check out Parker's blog as we added some more pictures this week. Also below you can see a couple of the pictures from our session at Sears yesterday - just a preview of coming attractions!

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The Allen's said...

So do I get my copies this week? Very cute!!