Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun Things

What have we been up to lately? Many fun things......

Daddy - Got to go to a Bucs game this past Sunday! Miss Leslie received two free tickets to the game from a friend (she's from Minnesota and likes the Vikings). Since Rael didn't want to go, Leslie invited Daddy to go with her. They had a good time and it was fun game being so close. Fortunately, the Bucs pulled it out at the end!

Mommy - Got to hang out at Disney on Monday with her clergywomen friends! Mommy's in a covenant group with four other female clergy and they try to get together a couple of times a year. Two of the group serve a church in Orlando with several members who work for Disney. We each got free 1 day Park Hopper passes and spent the day at Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and then dinner in Epcot (China) with VIP seating for Epcot's fireworks show!

At Church - Crazy busy lately wrapping up Pumpkin Patch, doing charge conference and the church anniversary and now getting ready for Advent. Unfortunately we've also had a rash of funerals lately. But we got to do something fun on Sunday - Mommy and Daddy preached together! It was really nice to be up there together and seemed to be well received. In fact, someone told us we should do that once a month.

Parker - Still thoroughly enjoying school, thank goodness, especially the days that the Jungle Bus comes! He loves the times that he gets to be a helper in class, especially when it's his turn to be the meteorologist. Can recite our address, phone number, spell his full name and the handwriting is improving more and more. And when they asked him at school what he's thankful for? "For being able to take care of my little brother." Will be testing in two weeks for a new belt at karate.

Wesley - Walks everywhere and gets into everything! He is cutting more teeth. Has learned how to kiss on command and blows kisses occasionally. Greets people by stretching his hands out to you and opening/closing his hands rapidly with a big huge smile on his face. Loves it when you brush his teeth. Is extremely fond of food, especially if it's big people food and comes off your plate. Will be going on Monday to the doctor for his one year checkup.

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