Monday, November 24, 2008

Wesley's One Year Checkup

Today Daddy took Wesley to see Dr. Dwyer for his 1-year checkup. They got the cool Space Room at the dr's office! Dr. Dwyer proclaimed that Wesley was doing perfect in meeting all of his milestones and following his growth curve. Wesley is now 32 inches tall (95% percentile) and weighs 21.3 lbs (50% percentile). This keeps still on track with comparison to Bubby - Wesley runs 1 inch taller and weighs a pound less than Parker did at this age. Wesley's been eating a bit more table food lately (3/4 of a belgian waffle for dinner last night!) and Dr. Dwyer said we can stop with the baby food and give all table food now. Plus when this can of formula runs out when can switch over to whole milk and the occasional juice. So our little guy is really growing up! Wesley's been a little bit grumpy tonight though because of the three shots that he got in his arms. Here's some more of Wesley's pictures from our photo session last week.

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