Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Tidings

Last night Grandma came to town after work to watch Parker at karate (and pick up her delicious cookie dough order from Parker's fundraiser!). Afterwards she took us to one of Parker's favorite places to eat - Subway!

Today Mommy and Daddy and Wesley joined Parker at school for a "Let's Give Thanks" Lunch. Each class collected the ingredients to make a delicious soup (we brought onions) and we got to partake of the wonderful soup along with warm, fresh bread and butter. In Parker's class the extra treat was oatmeal creme pies for Grant's birthday. And to make the occasion more special, all the kids in Parker's class made turkey shirts and wore them for lunch today.

Afterwards, we spent time running errands and doing a little scouting out for Christmas presents for the boys. We even made Parker's day by stopping by Books A Million so he could play Thomas the Train.

We were able to do this because both Mommy and Daddy have vacation this week. Daddy has no classes and finished up his only homework project earlier today. And Mommy worked all day yesterday so she could take the rest of the week off! Tomorrow we'll head to Seffner and spend the rest of the week celebrating Thanksgiving as well as Wesley and Daryl's birthdays.

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