Sunday, December 7, 2008

Experience Bethlehem

We're trying to incorporate a lot of different things into our celebration of Advent and Christmast this year and make all kinds of memories. Last night we went as a family to "Experience Bethlehem 2008," located at one of our sister UM churches in New Port Richey. It was recommended to us by some church members who had taken their granddaughters over the weekend. The place was absolutely packed - we waited in line outside for fifty minutes (in the cold) to get in and then it took about thirty minutes to wander through. They did an excellent job with it!

The Roman soldier guarding the gate to the city.

The stuffed camel and Wesley petting it. Parker finally got brave enough to as well.

A happy little boy with his dad

Parker's funny face after stopping at the bakery and getting to sample some different bread. The next booth had "wine" and of couse he wanted to know why we were having communion again!

The dancers on stage

A typical home

The Roman soldier guarding the jail. You had to sing Jingle Bells to get out! Fortunately we didn't get thrown in.

Parker taking a free chariot ride around the field.

The angels singing for the shepherds.

The wise men traveling to Bethlehem.

The animals at the inn (a small petting zoo).

Mary and the baby Jesus. That little boy was wrapped up pretty tight to keep warm!

Afterwards they routed you into their multipurpose building where they had cookies and cocoa waiting. We opted instead to go down the road at eat at Chili's - many thanks to Uncle David and Aunt Barbara who gave Daddy the gift card for his birthday!

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