Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mid-Week Roundup

Mommy is finally home after being out of town since Monday morning. She was leading a retreat for pastors down at the DaySpring Retreat Center in Parrish. So Daddy had been pulling single parent duty for the last couple of days and doing a great job at it.

Parker did well at karate on Monday night on his first night as an official yellow belt. Sensei Tony emailed us this picture this week of Parker with him and Sempai Melissa on the night he tested and got Karate Kid of the Month.

Parker's teachers also pulled Daddy aside on Monday to talk to him. Fortunately they wanted to tell him about something good that Parker did that amazed them. They let the kids play with a light table and some x-rays of body parts the other day and Parker was the only one who took all the different x-ray sheets and overlapped the edges until he had made a skeleton of the human body. He definitely has an interesting perspective!

Tonight Mommy and Parker went off to choir practice again getting ready for this weekend's performances. It will definitely be interesting to see how he does at the performance because he has NO fear in rehearsals. Tonight he sang SUPER loud (translation almost screaming) right into the microphone on "Happy Birthday Jesus." He had the entire adult choir laughing so hard that most of them were crying. Definitely taking the video camera with us!

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