Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wrapping Up

Today was Daddy's last day of classes for the fall semester! So no more weekly trips to Orlando until February!!! He only has three classes left in seminary: one class during the January term (which our trip is part of) and then two classes to take in the spring semester.

And today Mommy and the boys wrapped up the inside Christmas decorations by putting up the Christmas tree. In our house in Fort Myers, we always put up two trees: a white and gold tree (fake) in the living room with all the ceramic ornaments that Grandmommy made and a fun family tree (live) in the family room. But in this house we don't that much space so we only do one fake tree in the living room. And it's a little sparse on ornaments because we want to put too many breakable things down near the bottom. But Parker is very happy with it and Wesley is already fascinated by the ornaments on the tree. Plus we have this box that attaches to the lights and flashes the lights in time with Christmas carols and the boys think the flashing lights are cool. That box came from Grandma several years ago; Mommy used to lay in the living room as a little kid and watch the Christmas lights flash and sing at night. Fortunately the volume on the Christmas carol box can be put on mute if it gets too annoying.

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