Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Wednesday

Christmas Decorations - Well the Christmas boxes have been down out of the attic since Monday and we have made slow but sure progress. It is rather difficult to decorate with a 4 year old who wants to direct everything and with a 1 year old who un-decorates as fast as you put it out! All that's left inside is the Christmas tree (which we plan to do tomorrow) and Daddy promises to tackle the Christmas lights outside when school is over. We think this is the earliest in December we've decorated since Parker was born - but with the trip hanging over our heads we're getting a lot of things done early. Many of our Christmas decorations come from House of Lloyd/Christmas Around the World because two of Daddy's aunts used to be demonstrators. And all the ceramic pieces that we have come from Grandmommy, handmade with lots of love by her (and Aunt Diane).

This singing snowglobe which is new seems to be the boys' favorite decoration so far. It swirls the snow around and plays 20 different carols. Plus it's plastic and so they can carry it around without doing too much damage. They both love it!

Sleepy Boy - This is Parker from a couple of weeks ago. He swears he doesn't need an afternoon nap anymore, but in the late afternoon if you can get him to sit still and watch a show on Noggin or a bit of a kids movie, he will konk out nearly everytime. That's cause our boy plays so hard from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed every single day. This time he decided to bury himself in the pillows on the couch.

Joe the Cat - Most cats sleep all curled up in a big ball. Joe is the biggest scaredy cat in the whole world, always afraid of people and noises, and yet this is how he sleeps - right out in the middle of the floor on his back and very exposed and vulnerable. Gotta love him!

Holy Land Trip - Take a look at our countdown ticker on the side. Our trip to the Holy Land is getting close!

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