Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well big party animals that we are, we stayed home last night. The boys were in bed, Daddy and Mommy were watching a movie, and we didn't even notice the clock until it was 10 minutes past midnight!

We slept in today and since we've been up managed to pretty much pack the boys for their adventure to stay with grandparents. Last night we started gathering everything for our trip in one place and Mommy attempted to pack her suitcase. Let's say "attempted" because she's really not sure how she's gonna cram all this stuff in 1 suitcase! (she's admittedly notorious for overpacking and having lots of luggage!)

And we've been playing the Wii! Parker finds this completely fascinating, although he was very upset when Mommy wanted to exercise this morning. Did you know the little trainer on the Wii Fit gives you a guilt trip if it's been more than a day since you got on? The step class stuff is definitely Mommy's favorite. And Guitar Hero is the favorite for "the mans" of the house. While Daddy and Parker jam out, Wesley runs around them and squeals!

Heading out now to run a few errands and then wrap up a few more things around the house before the Reverons come over to hang out tonight.

For those of you who have been concerned about our safety while we travel, you can check out our travel blog for an update from the tour company EO.

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