Saturday, January 3, 2009

One Last Post Before We Travel

So the bags are finally packed! We weighed ours tonight and they are each just a couple of pounds under the weight limit. Not a lot of room left for souvenirs though! The boys' stuff is already out in Seffner thanks to Grandma and Grandpa who stopped by today to get car seats for their car and haul all the boys clothes and toys and stuff back home.

Despite all of the packing and cleaning we have managed to squeeze in some more fun together with the boys and with our friends in town. This was Parker and Wesley in the kitchen on Thursday waiting for Aydenn and Emma to arrive.

And while they were here, the boys had a blast playing Guitar Hero. What should they name their band?

Then today Miss Rael came to hang out most of the day to help play with/take care of the boys while we ran errands and packed and cleaned. Parker watched us do the Wii Fit and later on tried some of the yoga poses. Here he is doing the "tree pose."

So it's late and we're tired and headed off to bed. Just a few things to finish up tomorrow and then we'll head to Seffner to drop off the boys and spend the night at a hotel in Orlando for our early morning Sunday flight. Please keep us in your prayers. We probably won't be blogging since only two of our hotels have internet access. We promise to have lots of pictures when we get home though!

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