Thursday, February 26, 2009

Church and more Church

Last night was Ash Wednesday and we had a wonderfully, powerful service at church in the evening. Then after standing around talking to folks, we ended up having to do take out for dinner and get home just in time to put the kids in bed.

Tonight we spent the whole night at church again. We grabbed some takeout and ate in Mommy's office. Then the boys played happily (and loudly) in the cry room with Miss Rael while Daddy and Mommy gave a presentation on our trip to Israel. We had 45 people show up to listen!!!! We paired our 850 pictures down to 225 and put them in a powerpoint presentation and projected them up on the sanctuary wall. Then we switched off back and forth talking about our trip. Even though it was really late when we finished, everyone was so excited and asked a lot of questions. It was a lot of fun and we're so glad we got the chance to share! We also set up a table with some of our souvenirs and resources we picked up and some of the maps we got.

Although we've enjoyed the last two nights at church, we are all seriously looking forward to spending a nice quiet evening at home tomorrow night!!!

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