Monday, February 23, 2009

Cousin Birthdays

Yesterday we celebrated cousin Micah and Bethany's birthdays at Grandmommy's house along with Granny and Uncle David and Miss Joan. Micah turns 10 today and Bethany turned 5 last Wednesday. The kids had picked out their birthday lunch and so we had sloppy joes, with macaroni and cheese and jello jigglers.

The kids had also picked out their cakes from Grandmommy's famous cake book and look at the wonderful results!

The kids seemed to have a great birthday. And after cake and presents, they all wanted to play outside in the yard. First it seemd to be a free for all on kicking the balls around the yard and then Daddy and Uncle Daniel turned it into keep away from Micah and then all the cousins.

Bethany was fascinated with Mommy's camera and wanted to take some pictures. Here's one of Mommy that Bethany took outside.

Later on inside, Wesley and Granddaddy had some fun chasing each other and wrestling on the floor.

We had a nice day with the family. Parker took a couple of pictures too that we posted on his blog.

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