Saturday, February 21, 2009

Laying Low

This week we've mostly just been trying to lay low and stay away from all the germs out there, especially Mommy! But some members of the family have been up to a few things. Daddy spent Friday in Oviedo at the Canterbury Retreat Center. This was part of his Praying All Ways class this semester. And today he's been doing some major cleaning up of our yard which now looks very nice!

Parker made a couple of things at school. First is a birdfeeder and then a picture. The teacher wrote the description on the paper upside down - it reads "I am going to get to school faster using a jet scooter!"

Parker also did great at Jungle Bus because they were working on pushups and he's been doing those for a while at karate. His teachers also did an assessment on him with his readiness for kindergarten and he scored out great in 35 out of the 38 areas, which include academics as well as behaviors and skills. We're very proud of how well he does in school! And he continues to be a great big brother as well - his newest thing is always wanting to give Wesley his bath.

Wesley is still into everything. We had to gate the bathroom to keep him from getting into more trouble! And between running after Bubby and pulling on all kinds of stuff, he often conks his head. Thursday night he pulled Mommy's organizer off the counter and ended up with small cuts on his eyelid and underneath his eye - he looks like he's been in a good old-fashioned bar fight! But you gotta love that sunny personality and winning smile! And it's so cute to watch him say please by patting his hand on his chest when he wants something bad (Grandmommy taught him while we were gone).

Not much else here. We're headed to Seffner after church tomorrow to celebrate some cousin birthdays and get some good family time.

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