Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Musings

* All of our pictures and explanations from our trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel are up on the travel blog now.

* This past Saturday we started doing the Walk to Jerusalem through First UMC Hudson. They're organizing teams of people to wear pedometers and chart their steps over the course of the next two months - the added bonus is advocating a healthy lifestyle and a specific prayer theme each week. The goal is to add everyone's mileage up and "reach Jerusalem" - which is 6,700 miles from Hudson. We'll let you know how we do.

* We have a sick boy. Parker came home from school saying his tummy hurt and has been throwing up all afternoon. We know he doesn't feel good because he just lays around. Finally, Parker crashed out on the loveseat.

* Wesley continues to get into everything in sight and "childproof locks" don't always work. He has figured out how to drag Bubby's stool over to the kitchen and bathroom counters and reach up to get what he wants. He's still working getting those molars all the way through and to go along with that now has a bright red rash on both his cheeks.

* We only got one piece of snail mail today, but it was an important one. Daddy received his confirmation letter from the Board of Ministry about the results of his interview and look how it was addressed - so cool!

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