Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Week In Review

DADDY and MOMMY - Daddy had a great time at Kingdom Conference, especially because he got to meet Danny Wuerrfel! And Mommy also enjoyed all her extra time with the boys while Daddy was gone. She and Parker made a decorated box for him to take to school to collect his Valentines.

PARKER - Here's a couple of pictures of Parker from December that we've been meaning to put up. One is from karate and the other is Parker on the Jungle Bus at school.

He also had some fun this week because at school they did drawings and then walked over to the hospital to mail them home to their families. Friday when he went to get the mail, his drawing had arrived!

WESLEY - Wesley is making life super interesting these days because he loves to get into everything and has figured out how to get past the child proof locks on some of the kitchen cabinets and in the bathroom! So he's been hearing a lot of "NO!!!!!!" lately. But he's also had a big week because he's cut two new teeth - one molar on each side on the top have cut through the gums. We knew something was happening because he hasn't been eating as much and he's been a little fussy.

Our big outing this week was for haircuts on Thursday night. Since Wesley had gotten his cut last week, we soon realized that Mommy and Daddy and Parker needed a trim too. We've all been letting out hair grow out for months and it was finally getting to us. Parker did great - this was the first time we'd taken him someplace that he didn't have a special kids chair (that big yellow car) and he sat so straight and still in the chair that everyone complimented him! Mommy especially got hers cut short - at least five inches off her hair!

And right before we left on our trip, we found a big hole in the flowerbed by Daddy's office. It looked like some animal had burrowed up under the house. Parker's been obsessed with finding out what's living under his house! So the Trustees put out a trap and finally this Thursday night they caught a big possum! Mystery solved.

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