Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Excitement

Sunday is the big boy's big day - Parker turns five! Oh, how the time has certainly flown by! Parker has grown into a very independent little man who has opinions about everything and isn't shy about sharing them with the family or even the rest of the world. :)

Of course, he's always been sort of independent, arriving past his due date and in the middle of the night after a very long labor. Five years ago, Mommy was already on maternity leave when she headed to the hospital on a Sunday morning after being in labor for a few hours. We called grandparents and they made their way down to Fort Myers as quickly as possible with visions of missing the big show after the admitting nurse thought Mommy was ready to deliver soon. Little did we know that the admitting nurse was new and generously overestimated how dilated Mommy was. So the shot for pain that they gave her "instead of"an epidural brought labor to a screeching halt. Hours of walking the hospital ensued in an effort to get things started again and Mommy ended up with that epidural for pain later after all. Parker wasn't born until 2:29am on Monday morning the 29th, with bleary-eyed grandparents still hanging in there waiting to see their new grandson.

We are excited for our big boy with this birthday - the big 5 means he will be headed off to kindergarten in the fall! Tomorrow after church we will kick off his birthday with two celebrations - lunch with Grandma and dinner with Daddy's side of the family. But today, in honor of Parker's big occasion, here's some of our favorite pictures of our big guy. Happy Birthday!

Baby Parker

Parker - One Year Old

Parker - Two Years Old

Parker - Three Years Old

Parker - Four Years Old

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