Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Bubby!

We went to Grandma's house today for lunch and she had decorated up everything in a baseball theme for the birthday boy. He was especially excited about getting to take home the championship pennants she had hung up!

We had spaghetti for lunch and afterwards enjoyed the special baseball birthday cupcakes that Grandma had made. Everyone enjoyed them, especially Wesley!

Parker was pretty excited about the baseball stuff and the new Transformers that he got from Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandma with the birthday boy. We missed Grandpa but talked to him later on the phone. He is doing well with his therapy at rehab.

Afterwards the boys played for a while and then the boys laid down for a nap. Later we headed over for dinner at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's. Here's "the mans" hanging out.

Parker with his special request Green Transformer Robot cake - great job Grandmommy!

Granny, Uncle David, Aunt Barbara were there too in addition to Uncle Daniel's gang and Uncle Sam and Sarah.

Singing Happy Birthday to the boy!

Parker ate an arm plus the part of the robot body that had the "5"!

Here's Wesley enjoying the day too!

Mommy and Daddy with their birthday boy.

Parker had quite the stack of presents and ended up with three new polo/dress shirts, 1 pair of dress pants, 1 pair of dress shorts, a new Star Wars t-shirt, two Wii games (Nascar and Monster Trucks), a Wii steering wheel, Diego Chutes and Ladders game, Lightning McQueen coloring book, several miniature Monster Trucks (including 2 of his favorite Gravedigger), a mini M&M Nascar racer, and a Planet Heroes action figure with space vehicle! In his evening prayers tonight he thanked God for such an awesome birthday! It definitely was a very nice day - and the celebration will continue tomorrow as the birthday boy takes in cupcakes to share with his friends at school.

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