Sunday, April 19, 2009

Top Ten List About Wesley

10. Wesley is getting so much better at entertaining himself these days and enjoys playing with the cats, with his blocks and especially with cars.

9. Wesley is growing! No more cute onesies here - he's wearing big boy clothes in sizes 18months to 2T already.

8. Wesley continues to gain new teeth - he's currently got 4 that are about half-way in.

7. Wesley is getting much braver with heights. Used to be that if you stood him up on his changing table, he would immediately try to sit down. Now he stands up happy as a clam. And guess where we keep finding him now - standing on top of the kitchen table!

6. Wesley is getting better at chasing his big brother around and fighting back when the tickle wars start. And his biggest tickle spot is underneath his chin.

5. Wesley graduated from a high chair to a booster seat this week at home!

4. Wesley loves to feed himself and will scream bloody murder if you don't let him hold the silverware.

3. Wesley loves his brother very much and usually can be found close by to wherever Bubby is.

2. Parker's nickname for Wesley is Buddy.

1. Wesley's laugh and smile are very, very contagious!

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