Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Roundup

This morning was busy. Mommy had a memorial service at church and Daddy had to take Wesley to the doctor for his eighteen month checkup. After the funeral, Mommy picked up Parker from school and brought him back to church with her. The church ladies had made him up a plate of food from the memorial luncheon, so he got to eat lunch. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in Mommy's office playing with all kinds of toys while Mommy worked. Did you know that the visitor cups from the church are really fun to stack?

Wesley did well at his doctor's appointment with Daddy. He weighed in at 27 lbs and topped out at 35.5 inches tall. He's still ahead of Parker on the growth curve, beating his brother at this age by 2 lbs and 2 inches. Wesley also got two shots, which he was not thrilled about. He spent the rest of the evening walking funny (the shots were in his upper thighs) and pointing at his boo-boos covered up by cool Daffy Duck band-aids.

On the moving front, we have chosen the Druid Hills parsonage to live in, booked the movers, and arranged for the install of TV/phone/Internet service when we arrive. We've also filled out the enrollment packets for the boys' summer care, which will be at the First UMC Ocala pre-school that Wesley will attend in the fall. Unfortunately, we can't register Parker for kindergarten until we go in person. And Daddy keeps getting big packets of information in the mail: one from the conference office about his health insurance/pension and another from the financial aid department at the seminary related to his exit interview for his student loans. Lots of fun - and we still haven't packed a box. Oops that's not right; Daddy had packed four or five boxes of his books up for his new office!

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