Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday With A Twist

So last night Mommy saw an ad on Craigslist for a living room sectional. We've been thinking about replacing the living room furniture that we have when we move and we were hoping to get a sectional with at least one recliner. When we called on the ad late last night, the guy already had someone lined up to come see it at 7am this morning. He offered to call us if that didn't pan out. At 7:45am this morning he called and said it was still available. We hustled up and went over and checked it out and decided that it was perfect for us - it has four recliners in it and two spots to hold remotes and drinks! So we haggled a bit on the price (thanks Dave Ramsey) and after three trips with the minivan finally got the whole thing home. So now this sectional is sitting in pieces in our garage covered up by sheets.

We'll be getting rid of the couch, loveseat and recliner we have now. Most of the reason we are getting rid of them is because they've been torn up by the cats. Before Wesley was born, they never used to scratch the furniture. But now even with their big cat tower still in the living room, Mary and Joe have really done a number on the living room furniture.

So how will we keep them from tearing up the new stuff? Glad you asked. We've been trying to find someone who will declaw them for the last couple of months. Only problem is that since Mary and Joe are older cats (8 and 7 respectively) that most vets won't touch them for a declaw and the ones that are willing are charging $600-700 per cat because they want to run tons of tests on them. Thanks to Uncle Daniel today we found out about a vet clinic a little north of here where vets donate their time and services to do spay/neuter, declaw and some other stuff. Mary and Joe will be getting declawed there on June 19th for $150 total!

It wasn't how we expected to spend our day, but what a good outcome! Now we're off to empty out the attic and sort through all that stuff......

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