Monday, May 4, 2009

Marvelous Monday

Daddy is getting better and is slowly able to get up and do things for himself. We thank you for your prayers for his recovery. He goes back to the surgeon for a follow-up visit on May 12th.

On the way home from karate tonight we spotted some deer. There's a big meadow on the right as you pull into our neighborhood and out in the open were three beautiful deer grazing. The boys were so excited and we pulled the car quietly over to the side of the road to sit and watch for a while and even got a couple of pictures.

Then after we got home, Parker wanted to play outside. He had spent a bunch of karate dollars in the karate store tonight and one of the things he bought was sidewalk chalk. So Mommy took a beach chair outside to sit on the lawn and watch while the boys had a blast drawing on the sidewalk (and she was even allowed to use the chalk too). Parker even made a hopscotch board! But Wesley grew tired of the chalk after a while and just starting digging in the flowerbed!

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