Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surprise Visit!

On her way to pickup Parker from preschool at noon, Mommy got a call from Daddy on her cellphone. Granddaddy was in Hudson and needed some help - could she please go? So we drove halfway home to meet Daddy and pickup a gas can and then headed to find Granddaddy. He'd been out to bid a job and his new work vehicle doesn't make a noise to remind him when he's low on gas. So we were glad to help out; plus, we work much faster and cheaper than AAA! And it thrilled the boys for an extra chance to see their Granddaddy. Parker bolted from the car as soon as Mommy stopped and Wesley was holding out his arms from his carseat and yelling so someone would let him out too!!! It was a nice surprise for them and great opportunity to store up on hugs and kisses.

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