Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Begins

When Mommy went to pick Parker up from school today, she was presented with this present:

Inside the bag the big picture flower was inside a soda bottle vase that had been all decorated by Mr. Parker himself. And there was also a little card inside with information that Parker had provided all about his mom (the teachers wrote in the answers). So what does Parker think about Mommy? He did a pretty good job with just a couple of very interesting answers.

How old is Mom? 45 (don't worry he knows now that I'm only 32 - good grief!)
What color are Mom's eyes? green (let's try brown)
What color is Mom's hair? brown
What is Mom's favorite color? purple
What is mom's favorite thing to drink? lemonade
She likes to eat..... lunches from Winn Dixie ( I always buy frozen meals from there for lunch)
What does Mom do when she goes to work? answer the phone (we may need to work on this one)
My Mom makes me laugh when? when she does something funny
What does Mom like to watch on TV? Lifetime
My mom looks pretty when she... she gets her hair ready
I love my Mommy because... I just do

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