Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Midweek Roundup

Parker's school has been participating in the Book-It program for Beginners and he has received two certificates to Pizza Hut for personal pan pizzas. So Tuesday night we had pizza for dinner and Parker got to celebrate with his own special pizza. When we to pick it up and turn in his certificate the lady behind the counter shook his hand and told him congratulations! She also gave him a couple of prizes - a plastic carabiner hook and also what Parker called his "trophy." He was so excited!

Daddy is doing much better in the last day or so. He's been able to drive a little bit and stay home with the boys by himself. Since he's still not allowed to lift Wesley, we've taught Wesley how to climb in/out of his crib by putting a kitchen chair next to it and the same about getting on/off the changing table. Not as scary as it might sound because he's always climbing everything anyway! Daddy is also diligently working on his last term paper (15 pages) for school. While it's not technically due until after he walks for graduation, he working to have it all done before the big day arrives.

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