Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daytona Beach Part Two

On the way into town on Monday night, even in the dark, the Daytona International Speedway made a big impression on our little NASCAR fan. Since rain was in the forecast for Tuesday we decided to head out before lunch to go through the Daytona 500 Experience at the Speedway. It's a nice little museum with some attractions like the 16 second pit stop challenge. Unfortunately, Parker was about two inches too short for the simulator rides and we didn't figure Wesley would sit still for the 45 minute IMAX movie. But included in the ticket price was a 30 minute tour of the Speedway via tram. Even Mommy enjoyed that! We got to drive along the apron of the track, down through pit row, through the infield and stopped off for a picture at victory lane!!!!!! When we got back to the museum after the tour, Parker stopped us to say that the tour was awesome and thanked us over and over for taking him - so sweet!

The history of Daytona Racing - first track was on the beach. And the top speed at the first race? 68mph!
The pit stop challenge. These two volunteers from the crowd were able to change the tire in 15.67 seconds!
Tram tour of the track!

After the tour, we took our hungry boys to the grocery store to load up on lunch stuff and came home to eat. After some playtime and a nice nap, they were ready later to meet up with Mommy's good friend Tracy (also in town for Annual Conference). We walked a couple of blocks down to the Ocean Walk complex and ate dinner at Johnny Rockets, then walked around outside and down to the beach for a bit.
Our sandy boy....
The little guy holding onto Daddy for dear life, afraid we'd make him go on the beach again. He was not enjoying the loud sounding waves.
Aunt Tracy got stuck holding all the stuff....
After getting back to our hotel we decided to load up the boys and go for a swim in the pool. Our brave big boy finally went down the slide and Daddy caught him!
Tired boys resting on the floor after getting back to the room.

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