Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun Friend Day

Today a group of folks from the church got together and took us out to lunch at Applebee's. There were twenty one of us altogether! We had a great time visiting with everyone who showed up. It was nice to have that kind of support while we were here at Faith!

Joan Walter, Jinny Berryhill, Tom and Sue Peak

David Hardy, Larry Bobb, Rael Raskovich with Wesley

Wendy Bath, Pat Williams, Daddy and Parker

Marian Wright, Shirley Clem, Jim Bath and Skip Drury

The Reverons

We had some great desserts at lunch. Each of the kids got a "garbage can" sundae with their lunch, and Mommy and Rael split a huge Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae.

Wesley got passed around to several different people at the table. He enjoyed some time here with Miss Shirley and later with Mommy.

Parker and Aydenn had fun running around and also watching the TV up in the corner with Sportscenter on it.

Then afterwards we headed back to the office to finish packing up Mommy's stuff there. While Rael and Mommy were packing, Parker had fun making all kinds of cup stacks with the visitor mugs from the church.

Big Stack.....

Bigger stack.....

Best Stack!!!!!!!

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