Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scary Day

This morning about 9:30am, Wesley took a hard fall on the living room floor and afterwards started having the dry heaves like he was going to throw up. For a few minutes he was kind of quiet and still and then he got up and started talking and running around with Bubby. He was drinking his milk and seemed fine. But at 10:30am he started throwing up and in the next hour he threw up nine times. We called the pediatrician's office and the nurse told us to take him directly to the ER for a CT scan. Unfortunately, our pediatrician is only affiliated with Mease Countryside which is a 45 minute drive south. So off we went. Wesley threw up two more times in the car (fun!) and then kept trying to go to sleep (he missed his morning nap) so we had to keep waking him up.

At the ER we were seen almost immediately for triage and then they fast-tracked us so that we could get him back and taken care of (translation an hour wait instead of several hours). After a couple of physical examinations, several sets of vitals and a clear CT scan we were finally able to bring him home. We're just supposed to be mindful of what he eats and watch him carefully over the next 24 hours. We got home at 5:15pm with very hungry, grumpy boys (we had totally missed lunch with this experience!).

Wesley seriously perked up at dinner though, drinking his grape Pedialyte and very slowly eating his two pieces of toast. He kept everything down and was even up to running around the house and playing with some toys later on. But by 8:15, the little guy had completely crashed out on Daddy's lap, exhausted from all of the excitment and missing both of his naps.

Parker was an excellent big brother today!!!! He helped when needed and sat still and mostly quiet at the hospital. He was so good today in fact that even though Mommy got Errick to substitute for her at the church's Dave Ramsey class tonight, Parker got to go up to church so he could play with his good friend Aydenn. He looks forward all week to their Thursday night playtime and we didn't want him to miss out.

It was kind of scary for a while today, but we are so thankful that Wesley seems to be on the mend!!!! We know that we are extremely fortunate that this is only our second ER visit in five years with two kids.

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