Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Furry Friends

Well, we were finally able to pick up Mary and Joe from the vet clinic today. We were supposed to have picked them up yesterday but received a call before we left for church that Joe could not be released just yet. He had gotten all riled up in the night and knocked his bandages loose and his paws were bleeding again. He had to be checked out, rebandaged and then stay one more night for observation. They offered to keep Mary overnight as well so we wouldn't have to make two trips and so we agreed.

When we arrived at the clinic today, we waited for several minutes in a little waiting room for them to be brought out. Finally a tech came out and told us that the cats were not exactly cooperating. They had to net Joe to get him out of the cage and back into his cat carrier. Afterwards they tried to get Mary out but she was fighting them pretty hard and so they wanted one of us to try and coax her out. Mommy was able to get in there and get her back into her cat carrier with a little assistance from Daddy. But Joe had heard Mary freak out and he went kind of crazy in his cat carrier, which was rocking all around on the floor. So he had to have his paws checked out one more time before we could leave.

They were much more relaxed on the way home than on the way to the clinic. Mommy sat on the bench seat of the van with the cat carriers and petted them and talked to them all the way home.
Currently Mary and Joe are locked up in the boys bathroom with some dropcloths on the floor along with their food, water and litterbox (with the special litter). This is where they will stay for a couple of days to get used to being together again and get re-acclimated to the house before turning them loose with the rest of us. Would anyone like to help us wrangle them into their carriers on the 30th? We're guessing that after this experience, they really aren't going to like those cat carriers!

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