Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yesterday was Mommy's birthday. We spent it dropping off stuff at the dump, dropping off stuff at the church Thrift Shop, getting more boxes, running some other errands, and packing up the kitchen. We did take a break and get Applebee's ToGo for dinner - thanks to Uncle Daniel and Aunt Dawn for the gift card!

Today Mommy packed the pantry while Daddy finished up the yard. Then we went back and packed up the miscellaneous stuff from each room that had been left behind in the first go-round. We took down all of the childproof outlet covers, cabinet locks, door locks and gate mechanisms. We picked up more boxes and had to run a few more errands. We did two loads of laundry. And we also put Wesley's crib up for sale on ebay and craigslist.

Tomorrow is Mommy's last sermon at Faith and afterwards is a big farewell pot-luck luncheon. Then it will be time to come home and start wiping down baseboards, windowsills, door jambs, light fixtures, ceiling fans, plus washing windows and screens. We're very thankful that the church is planning to paint between our leaving and the new pastor coming so we don't have to spackle and patch holes in the wall!

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