Sunday, June 28, 2009

Making Memories

Today was an eventful day of memories at church. Mommy preached her final sermon at Faith and at the end of it, she and Daddy served communion to everyone in the congregation. After circling up for the final benediction, we had a bit of excitement as Mommy was standing at the back door - Wesley pulled the fire alarm!!! All the bells and lights and sirens went off and the fire truck came because no one at church had the key to reset the alarm box or code. It was quite the adventure which held up our farewell luncheon for a little while. They will definitely never forget us at Faith!!!!!

The farewell dinner was wonderful (a huge potluck) and afterwards we enjoyed a wonderful cake and a lot of visiting with people. We were even presented with a basket of cards and a love offering from the church. It was very sweet and we appreciated it all so much!

Here's a couple of candids off the boys.....Wesley goofing off on the stage.

Aydenn and Parker playing with their ice on the table!!!

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