Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Today we're sending out some love to Grandaddy and our good friend Miss Leslie who are both celebrating birthdays. And we're also celebrating the little guy, who turned 20 months old today.

That's one cool dude in shades!

Wesley definitely keeps life interesting and keeps us on our toes. Childproof locks don't work on this one. When we moved here, he didn't know how to open the round doorknobs. That was good since it kept him out of the pantry! But then within a couple of days, he learned how to open the pantry door and we soon found him munching on whatever he could get his hands on. So we went out to WalMart and bought enough of the childproof doorknob covers for all the rooms we wanted to keep him out of. Thankfully we only opened one up because smartypants learned how to open that one within the hour!

He's got such an interesting personality. Wesley prefers to feed himself, especially his cut-up bananas in the morning. When he goes to school, he insists on carrying his own cup, and slinging his lunch box over his arm; same for when he comes home. And the first thing Wesley does when he gets home is sit down on the floor so you can take his shoes and socks off. Thankfully Grandmommy taught him how to say please with sign language, because he's very anxious to communicate with people. But we're starting to get desperate for Wesley to talk more because the current screeching you get when he wants to tell you something is slowly killing our eardrums.....

But one of the cutest things is to watch Wesley with Parker. Because Wesley absolutely ADORES his bubby and always wants to be near him and play with him if he can. Last night Parker decided to use his plastic shovel to help fill in a hole in the backyard (from a random fence post Daddy pulled out of the middle of the yard). Wesley got the plastic hoe and stood by the hole, pointing and grunting and directing Parker on where to put the dirt. Then after each trip Parker made putting dirt into the hole, Wesley took the hoe and patted all the dirt down. This went on for over 30 minutes until the hole was filled - what a character!

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