Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Fun

Parker started VBS this morning at school and their overall theme is "Fiesta!" We're not exactly sure what today's emphasis was, but he was super impressed with an art project that involved shaving cream! When we went to pick the boys up this afternoon, both of their classes were out on the same playground. It was so cute to stand back and watch them interact with other kids while together.

Mommy and Daddy started off the morning with a movie - Moon - very interesting sci-fi flick. Then it was off to lunch at El Ranchito. We've eaten at El Ranchito before, traveling up from Leesburg whenever we have good news to celebrate from meeting with the board of ministry! Then we spent some time window shopping at Paddock Mall before checking out two new stores we've never been in before: hhgregg and Hobby Lobby. We were super impressed with the sign on the front of Hobby Lobby announcing that they are closed on Sundays to allow their employees "time for family and for worship." They had a great section for scrapbooking and also a nice section of car models.

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