Monday, July 13, 2009

Date Day

One of the benefits of having a day off together is the opportunity to have a date day. This morning we dropped off the boys at preschool and then Mommy and Daddy headed out to run a couple of errands - the bank, drop off some stuff at the Belleview Thrift Shop, pick up a new futon cover at Wal-Mart. And then we went exploring. We drove south to The Villages - that huge retirement community that has sprung up on the northern edge of Leesburg near Lady Lake. It's only about ten miles south of Belleview. The Villages has two main town center areas - Spanish Springs Town Square and Lake Sumter Landing Market Square. Each has shopping and restaurants and a movie theater and is designed to park your car (or golf car) and walk around. We had a nice exploring both of the town centers and ended up getting lunch and taking in a movie at Spanish Springs' Rialto Theater. What a nice theater! The inside lobby is designed like an outside courtyard at night and throughout the theater are all kinds of original movie posters from the 1950s and earlier. And the seating in the theater were oversized highback leather seats that reclined/rocked. We saw "Away We Go!" which was cute but a little more vulgar than we thought from the previews. All in all though, a very good day.

When we arrived home though we had a bit of excitement. We quickly realized that we were locked out of the house! Since we don't drive the minivan very often, we had neglected to put a house key on that keyring and the church doesn't keep a spare copy. We ended up having to call a locksmith to get back into the house. You can bet the next errand we ran was to Wal-Mart to get some key copies made! Unfortunatley that's not the most exciting thing we've had happen since we've been here - last Wednesday the ATM machine ate Daddy's first paycheck and we're still trying to get that straightened out with the credit union!

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