Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Stuff

....Hey we made the paper again! The Voice this week featured an article and some pictures of Mommy's church picnic from last weekend.

... We are almost done with the finishing touches on the house. We have a few pictures left to hang in the boys' toy room, need to paint the bottom half of the boys' bedroom and one wall in our bedroom, as well as putting a backing on the boys' bookshelf.
... We are certainly looking forward to our upcoming beach vacation which starts August 1.

...loves playing outside in the backyard at home and will stand by the sliding glass doors in the dining room after dinner and scream until you let him outside! also having lots of fun at daycare. He goes in without any fussing and waves bye-bye to us. He also "helps" with the smaller kids (which is just about everyone since he's so tall!) picking up toys and pacifiers and other stuff. He's also making some little art projects - this one is from yesterday.

Parker..... home is enjoing his new Hooked on Phonics books and DVDS
...gets to have VBS next week at preschool which is good because he missed it both here and at Faith this summer. He had lots of fun last week with their puppet theme and this week he enjoyed the cooking theme, as they made their own morning snacks (mud, pocket sandwiches, personal pizzas, etc). This was the cookbook and some of his crafts he brought home yesterday.

... has been working on some home improvement projects this week and has created a new shelf for the built-ins in the family room so that we would have four on each side.
... he also got stung by a wasp earlier this week while trying to weed the front flowerbed. Thankfully the swelling is finally going down. Now if the sore throat from his allergies would go away too he'd be in great shape.

... lost her diamond tennis bracelet that Daddy bought her on their honeymoon sometime last Saturday. She called all the places where we ran errands that day hoping someone had turned it in and looked all over the house for it. Last night while doing laundry she found it in the bottom of the clothes hamper!!!!
... had her first funeral at Belleview on Thursday and had her first wedding today.
... had a doctor's appointment this week for her fibrocystic breast disease. She had a lump removed 17 years ago and has another one now that needs to come out. Right now we're just waiting on the surgeon referral to schedule the initial appointment

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