Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Fun

Today after church we headed to Grannie's apartment at University Village in Tampa for a double birthday dinner for Granddaddy and Uncle David. We had a wonderful lunch and a great time hanging out with all the family and celebrating together. Plus there's a toy room on the next floor up from Grannie that the kids always get a kick out of visiting.

Also today we went for a walk around the outside of Grannie's complex, down to the water and out by the dock to watch the turtles and the birds. We also found a little putting green outside too. Funny she's lived there for something like five years and we've never taken the kids outside to explore before!

This picture of Daddy and Wesley was taken as Daddy was picking up the boy - who had started running down the hill as fast as he could and ended up tumbling down the hill facefirst instead!Before we headed back to Ocala, we headed into Seffner for a quick visit with Grandma and Grandpa. The boys had a blast playing with all the toys and Grandpa came out to join us again in the living room. It was nice to see both of them again.

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