Thursday, July 9, 2009

Settling In

Because we arrived so late on Tuesday, the second trip with the moving truck was delayed until Wednesday morning. Which made Tuesday night an adventure since the second trip of the truck was supposed to have our sofas, table and chairs as well as the other half of the boys bunkbed and the master bed. So we ended up having a picnic on the floor of the dining room and sleeping on the mattresses. It was actually kind of fun. And it gave us lots of time to sort the first load of stuff into rooms before the second load arrived.

We worked quickly to get the kitchen put together as well as the boys room and bathroom so that they could start settling in and we spent the rest of the week trying to unpack as much as we could. Grandma also came out on Friday and helped organize the master bedroom and the toy room. By Saturday night, the only thing that was left to unpack was the decorations for each room. That was our goal before Daddy's family made the trip up on Sunday for worship and his welcome dinner.

Mommy and Daddy also spent some time in their offices on Thursday, trying to unpack and get situated. Thankfully one of the Belleview teenagers, Dawn, volunteered to watch the boys at the church nursery. Then in the afternoon we went out to do some hospital visits - Mommy watched the boys in the lobby while Daddy visited someone from his church and then we switched.

Our first Sunday in our respective churches seemed to go very well. This was the scene that greeted Mommy when she arrived at church.

And here's her new office - although technically she wasn't finished unpacking until this Wednesday.

After worship, Mommy headed back to Druid Hills and got there in time to join the fun at Daddy's welcome meal. What a nice spread for lunch! Grandmommy, Granddaddy, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Dawn, the cousins, Grannie and Miss Joan all joined us as well. Then we took a tour of Daddy's offices and spent some time hanging out back at the house before going on a tour of Belleview.

Here's Daddy's office at Druid Hills.

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