Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wrapping Up and Moving On

Sorry for the long delay on blogging. We were scheduled to have the phone/internet/satellite installed at the house when we moved in on the 30th. While the satellite was installed on the 1st, we only got the phone and internet installed late yesterday afternoon. The last week or so will come in a couple of different posts over the next few days.


After the farewell dinner on Sunday, we spent the rest of that day and Monday trying to wrap up errands and finish packing. Parker's last night of karate with Sensei Tony was on Monday night at Faith. He had a very good class and afterwards got to spend all of the karate dollars he had saved up at the karate store. His haul? Included an orange glowball, a new puzzle and a Nemo mask for the pool.

Here he is with Sensei Tony at the punching bag.

Here is Parker with Sensei Tabitha working on self-defense.

And finally working on some jumping along with letters and colors with Sensei Melissa.

After the boys went to bed, we finished up cleaning the house to the specifications of the conference checklist and were up until 4:45am! So we caught a little nap before getting up at 7:30am so that we could get showers and catch up on the last few personal things that needed to be packed before the movers came. Grandmommy came early to help with the boys and brought doughnuts for breakfast and then later Granddaddy came to help coordinate things. The movers met Mommy at the church at 9:00am to load up her office and then headed to the house to cram/pack as much as they could in the truck before the torrential downpour started.

The rain caused us to be over two hours late leaving Hudson, and then there was an overturned semi-trailer on I-75. We finally got into Ocala after 4:00pm. Grandmommy and Granddaddy traveled with us as well as Miss Rael. Remarkably the cats went into their carriers pretty easily and were even so relaxed on this trip in the van with Daddy that they both took naps!

Fortunately the weather was much nicer in Ocala and there were a few folks from Belleview and Druid Hills at the parsonage to welcome us. The Druid Hills congregation had left flowers on the fireplace mantel as well as food in the refrigerator, food in the pantry, and a wonderful pot roast cooking in a crock pot on the kitchen counter!!!

Things were a little hectic as we unloaded the truck and spread the boxes out in the different rooms so unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of that process. And then the movers drove out to Belleview UMC to unload all the stuff for Mommy's office. Here's the only pictures of the boxes from that night which we did get. That's Miss Rael sitting on our kitchen counter - with the family room in the background.

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