Monday, August 24, 2009

Kindergarten Adventure

This first picture was actually taken at the orientation held last Friday at South Ocala. They put all the pictures taken up on the website and we were able to get ahold of this one of our family.

And here was Mr. Parker this morning before kindergarten.

He woke up fairly easy this morning and did a really good job focusing in on eating breakfast and getting dressed - which are generally a battle. The entire family walked with him to school this morning which was lots of fun! And super practical since South Ocala is undergoing a massive construction project and parking is very limited. When we arrived there was lots of folks out front to help point you in the right direction. They also used magic marker to tag the kids hands showing how they were getting home later in the day - Parker received a FW for Front Walker. Since today was the first day, we were allowed to walk Parker all the way back to his classroom. He was the first one to arrive in Mrs. Robles classroom and showed him where to put his lunch, bookbag and all his supplies in his cubby. When we left he was happily playing with a puzzle on the floor!

Then this afternoon, Mommy picked up a very excited and happy child with a good behavior report who totally enjoyed his first day of school - from classroom time, to playtime, to reading and eating lunch in the cafeteria. He was especially thrilled to find out that there was no nap time in kindergarten because he doesn't care for naps. There were only six kids there today with staggered start, but on Thursday when he goes back there should be 23. Parker is looking forward to heading back to school and we are very happy about that.

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