Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Midweek Roundup

This afternoon, Mommy had her consultation with the surgeon, who seemed quite confident that the lump is benign. But it still needs to come out, so Mommy will be having outpatient surgery at the local hospital on Thursday, September 3rd. Fortunately Mommy is the first case of the day so we should be home by noon, but unfortunately Mommy is the first case of the day so we have to be there by 5:30am!

Tonight after dinner, we sat on the front stoop for a while watching the boys play in the front yard. Our front yard here is way bigger than our entire yard in Hudson and the boys had fun playing with balls and riding their bikes around. Then we went for a family walk down to Parker's elementary school and back. It's .8 miles from the house, or 10 blocks south and one block east. Both sides of the main road you walk down have huge sidewalks divided into two lanes by a yellow stripe - one side for pedestrians and one side for bicycles. This is the route that Daddy and Parker plan to walk each morning as they head to school together. The nice thing is that there are two other private schools that you pass on the way to Parker's school, which means three school zones to help slow all the cars down while all the people are walking. With pushing Wesley in the stroller, it took us 19 minutes to get there. Nice little hike for us tonight as a family.

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