Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Milestone

Tonight we signed Parker up for T-Ball!! Here he is sporting his new helmet!!

We saw this advertised in a local area magazine that the daycare gave us. T-Ball here in Ocala is for ages 4-7. Practices start at the end of September and the season runs every Saturday morning from October 3rd to November 21st. Turns out the park where they play is only three miles from our house and in addition to the four t-ball fields, it also has an aquatic center, a big kids' playground, a health trail, tennis courts, basketball courts, raquetball courts, softball field and football fields. Pretty cool!

The first sign-up for T-ball was tonight at a store called Ocala Sports that is basically across the street from the house. We went in and filled out the paperwork, showed a copy of Parker's birth certificate to verify his age, and also paid the $40 fee for the season. That season fee includes his team shirt and hat. Since he already has a glove, we only had to look for a helmet tonight. Fortunately Ocala Sports was having a sale and we picked up his $32 helmet for $10!!!

Parker is very excited about playing T-ball. This is just the first step in his plan to play first base for the Florida Gators and then for the Tampa Bay Rays!


Anonymous said...

And so the busy life if children's activities begins... Have fun and enjoy every minute of it. Marcia

Anonymous said...

Life will never be the same again. Take my word for it. But I would not trade those times for anything. What wonderful memories I have.
Aunt Jani