Monday, August 31, 2009

Miss Mary Goes MIA

Miss Mary went MIA yesterday for a few hours; and unfortunately most of that time we didn't even know she was MIA! When we came home from church today we left the garage door open. Later on the boys went out to the garage to take out the recycling and left the door from the family room to the garage open for a little bit. Apparently curiosity got the better of our Miss Mary and she snuck out into the garage and then outside. When Daryl saw the door open, he closed it and asked Parker to find the cats. Joe was right out in the open and Parker said he saw Miss Mary under our bed.

Fast forward a couple of hours. Mommy sees Joe jumping hysterically into the blinds on the sliding glass door off the dining room and remembers that she only ever saw him do this before in Hudson when Mary would accidentally get locked out on the back porch. So we went on a household search and could not find Miss Mary anywhere. This was rather worrisome because 1) Mary usually never goes outside; and 2) she doesn't have front claws anymore. A search of the backyard didn't reveal anything either. Parker, Wesley and Mommy went out to the front yard and found Miss Mary curled up in a big ball underneath the bushes. She was more than ready to come in and ran as fast as she could back into the garage!! Once in the house she made a beeline straight for under Mommy and Daddy's bed and hid out there for the next couple of hours. She seems to be no worse for her little adventure.

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