Monday, August 10, 2009

Moving On Up

Today was a big day for both of the boys.....

Parker went for his kindergarten testing at South Ocala Elementary and the guidance counselor said he did great. We'll get a letter by the end of the week with the name of his teacher and then next Friday is orientation. We did take a little walk around the school today and peeked in some windows to see the media center, cafeteria and the building with all the kindergarten classrooms. He seemed to think that everything was really neat!

Wesley moved up in the world from diapers to training pants today! Last week while we were on vacation he did a great job of continuing to go pee in the potty several times a day. In fact there were several times when we were out by the pool that he made it clear that he had to go potty and we would run him back to the apartment. So hopefully the training pants will make it easier for him to continue the current trend.

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