Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Weekend

So on Saturday before coming home we celebrated Aunt Dawn's birthday and Grandmommy also took Parker shopping for school supplies. He was so excited about getting stuff for school! And his new favorite color is green - we have a green folder and green pencil case. But some of the school supply stuff was a little foreign to Mommy. In addition to pencils and crayons and folders we also needed bottles of hand sanitizer, boxes of Kleenex, a container of baby wipes and a container of Clorox wipes!

Today was a long day at church. After worship, Belleview had their Church Council meeting. Lunch was supplied and the boys got some extra time to hang out in the nursery with Miss Jody and play. That gave Daddy a chance to go to lunch at his church and then go visit some folks in the hospital. We got home about 2:30pm and our afternoon was nice and lazy - Wesley and Mommy napped while Parker played Wii and watched the Rays with Daddy.

But things took an interesting twist later on. While Mommy was finishing up making dinner about 6pm, Parker started yelling that he had hurt his head. He had been walking backwards in the living room, tripped over a toy and fell down. Apparently the back of his head collided with the drawer handle on the entertainment center. At first we didn't notice anything unusual. He asked for an icepack and we gave him one wrapped up in a kitchen towel. But in a few minutes he came into the kitchen screaming that he had blood on his hands - and he did - as well as his shirt and the towel because it was all coming from his head. It was clearly big enough and deep enough to need help so we rushed to get everyone in the car. Now we live about five blocks from the pediatric urgent care but unfortunately they had closed at 5pm. So we ended up going the extra two blocks to the ER at Munroe Regional Medical Center. After checking in and taking his vitals, we were told that he was being transferred to the Pediatric ER across the street affiliated with the hospital. So the tech walked us over and we got in line. By now Parker's head was just oozing a bit. He did remarkably well at sitting and being quiet and waiting patiently - except for explaining that he was hungry every now and then.

When we finally got back into a room and the PA came in, Parker's first statement was "I don't want shots or stitches." So the PA did a remarkable job of explaining that she was just going to clean up his head with some bubbles, then give him a little pinch of medicine to make his skin sleepy (ie shots of novacaine) and then put his cut back together (ie staples). Parker took that vague explanation great until the med student walked in and asked the PA what size staple gun she wanted!!!! That's when Parker started to freak out. He kept saying his head felt better and he was ready to go home. But the PA did a great job giving him his two staples and we were finally able to come home about 8:45pm. Here's our little guy showing off his bloody shirt complete with ER wristband and his brave boy Thomas reward sticker.

Two little gleaming staples in his hair - they don't shave around the spot anymore. We have to go back in 7-10 days to have the staples removed.

We tried to explain to Parker how cool he was now and what a story he has to tell all of his friends at daycare. He thought that getting injured meant he'd have to stay home from daycare for a while. We're just praying that he's able to concentrate well in the morning because he goes for his kindergarten placement test at 9:45am..

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