Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back To Normal, Whatever That Is

The blogging has been slow this week because Mommy really didn't want to advertise to the whole world that she was home alone with the boys from Sunday night through Thursday dinner. Daddy spent the week in Lake Wales attending a Residents in Ministry conference which is part of his process for ordination. We all missed Daddy very much and the boys were so glad to see him when he came home. We're hoping that things can get back to normal here at the house now, whatever that is!

So let's catch up a little bit on what the little boys have been up to..........

Parker - has been doing really well in school with his behavior and his classwork and homework. He is our little overachiever, trying so hard to keep everything perfect. Wednesday was the Altrusa Read-In here in Marion County and Parker had one of the members of the Ocala Police Department come and read to his class. Parker and another child were selected to go to the media center from their classroom and show the policeman back to their classroom. And Parker was duly impressed by the police hat erasers that were handed out to every child after the reading!

Wesley - is starting to transition from his current classroom to the 2 year old room at daycare. The last two days he has spent a few hours in the new room and today he even ate lunch with the bigger kids. The only thing that the teachers were concerned about with his move was his verbal skills; Wesley does not speak as many words as they would like to see for his age. (Parker was also slow in speaking a lot of words - the rush came shortly after his second birthday almost in sentences). But leaving him in the younger room with kids even less verbal than Wesley, is also a concern. So far he has taken well to the transition and seems to be enjoying the new experience.

Here's a picture of the boys' creativity from the other night out on the porch. According to Parker, this chalk drawing is "static electricity."

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