Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunny Saturday

On our way to bowling this morning, Daddy needed to stop at Munroe Regional Medical Center to visit a church member. Mommy and the boys decided to explore the outside of the hospital.
Right outside the front door is one of the horses from Ocala's Horse Fever back in 2001. There's several of these downtown too, but this patchwork horse is one of the prettiest.

On the east side of the hospital wandering up between the first and second floor (and ending up at the cafeteria) is this really nice garden area with water feature. The boys were duly impressed by the water and really enjoyed running up and down the steps.

Then it was time to head to bowling. This is week five for Parker. While he dropped a couple of stats to the other boy last week, Parker is still the season leader in all the boys' stats. And the "Kindergarten Rocks" team is in 2nd place overall, leading in two of the team stats and coming in 2nd in the other two stats. Today Parker had his best single game of bowling yet - the second game he bowled four spares in a row and ended up with a 113! He also bowled an 82 and an 86. Part of the fees for this league include getting a bowling ball at the end and Parker was able to pick out his color today. In two weeks we'll go to the pro shop to get the ball fitted and then we can pick it up when the season is over.

After bowling we headed home and saw this electronic sign along the way advertising the Boy Scouts from Daddy's church:

That was already our destination for lunch and boy was it yummy!!! The fish, hush puppies and coleslow tasted so good and the best part is all the proceeds went towards their next camping trip. There are 40 active boys in this troop!

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