Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bowling Week 4

Back to bowling this morning. We found out that Kindergarten Rocks is still in first place by one game overall and also leads for team high game handicap and team high series handicap. They are in second place for two other stats. Parker led for all the boys' stats last week as well as for the season. Today he did better at not hitting the bumpers as much and managed to bowl a 86, 74 and 79.

Here he is - Mr Serious - during his practice round. Notice his ball matches his shorts!

Daddy went up to give a little advice and they are both walking back after Parker threw the ball. But here it looks like Parker is chasing Daddy away!

But the hardest part of bowling is keeping Wesley entertained. He wants to bowl - he does NOT like being left out. Plus the time spent at bowling is usually when he's getting lunch and a nap at daycare. Today we brought along a backpack of toys, which seemed to help. Wesley also enjoyed Mommy's sweatshirt.

Then it was Five Guys for lunch, a stop at Sears for Mommy to get a new watch battery and then on home to watch the Gators absolutely mop the field up with the Troy Trojans - Gators won 56 to 6. Go Gators!

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